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Widows Sons Yorkshire, Ridings Chapter

If you are interested in joining us, please fill out the form below. It will be forwarded on to the Membership Secretary who will send you further details. The application process requires you to attend three socials and demonstrate suitable group riding skills in four areas (Making progress, staggered formation, riding in convoy and using the drop-off system).

When these have been completed, and if you are still happy with us as a group you can request to join. A ballot of current members will take place, and if successful, you will qualify as a full member and join us on our patched rides.

You must be a Master Mason in good standing as a member of a Lodge recognised by UGLE. When you become a member you are entitled to wear the badge on the left hand side of your jacket (as in the side that has your heart on it). Only members may wear the badge. Wives and girlfriends are not entitled to wear the badge and we wear nothing on the backs of our jackets. If you put other badges on your jacket they must show a positive reflection on Freemasonry. As ambassadors of the Craft we must not bring the UGLE into disrepute. WS are responsible road users.

Membership is 15 per year with a 25 joining fee.

If that little lot above hasn't put you off, we'd love to hear from you.

1. Name: Please provide a name by which you wish to be addressed.

2. E-mail address: Please provide a valid e-mail address on which you can be contacted.

3. Message: Please enter you message below which will be forwarded on to a member of the chapter.